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Real Estate Interiors

Real estate interior photos are $12 each with a minimum of 15 photos. Typically, you will want at least two photos of the kitchen, master bedroom, and living areas and at least one photo of each bedroom, bathroom, office, and dining room. Detail shots may also help to showcase specific fixtures or features of certain rooms. Photos of hallways, closets, and laundry rooms are optional and I don't normally recommend those since they are not normally the most attractive parts of a home. If you are not doing a twilight shoot, I can take some daytime exterior photos while I'm out there. Plan on at least two or three.

Please plan to have the house ready for photos when I arrive. You may wish to bring a computer or something you can work on while I'm taking photos. Keep in mind that all pets should be outside of the house for photos and people, if present, should be in a separate room where they will not cast any shadows or show up in any reflections.

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