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Dog Photography

I'll be the first to admit I'm a dog person! I grew up with German Shepherds, then got a mutt, and now I have a miniature poodle. While my dogs have downsized, my love for them has not! When I got my first interchangeable lens camera and prime lens, my first "model" was my dog Stormy. At the time, I was running the pets department at the L.L.Bean flagship store and one of my coworkers invited me to photograph some pets at the shelter she volunteered at. After photographing lots of shelter pets, I eventually started doing paid photo shoots for friends and things just grew from there.

I find pet photography to be very rewarding because our pets are usually our shortest-lived family members and I consider it an honor to be able to help preserve the memories that we share with them. As family members, I believe a pet's photos deserve a place in the home and there are few things as exciting for me as the joy on the faces of my clients when they get their first look at the prints of their pets!

I photograph primarily at outdoor locations throughout southern and midcoast Maine, but I also occasionally do indoor sessions with strobes and studio backdrops. If you would like to have your dog photographed, please call me at 207-358-4448 or e-mail me at

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