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Cat Photography

While, I'm admittedly a dog person, I actually find cats easier and just as enjoyable to photograph. I know most pet photographers will differ with me in that regard, but I've found that unlike dogs, which often won't hold still for a portrait, cats are usually very relaxed and will just sit still and pose. Of course, I can't give a cat commands like a dog and a lot of pet photographers find that very frustrating, but I've learned that cats are kind of like Colonel Klink from Hogan's Heroes: you just have to make them think everything is their own idea!

I find pet photography to be very rewarding because our pets are usually our shortest-lived family members and I consider it an honor to be able to help preserve the memories that we share with them. As family members, I believe a pet's photos deserve a place in the home and there are few things as exciting for me as the joy on the faces of my clients when they get their first look at the prints of their pets!

When photographing cats, I prefer to photograph the animal in its home where it is most comfortable, but I also offer mini sessions at pet shops from time to time where you can have your cat photographed in a somewhat controlled environment with backdrops and strobes at discounted prices. If you would like to have your cat photographed, please call me at 207-358-4448 or e-mail me at

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